CMU Quant Club 2023-2024 Board Members

Tze Hng Loke


Tze Hng is a Junior majoring in Computer Science. He is passionate about information technology and finance, and he enjoys solving challenging problems. The overlap between finance and technology draws him towards quantitative finance and he enjoys learning more about how the industry uses tools and simulation methods to price assets and simulate events. In his free time, he enjoys playing table tennis, contract bridge and poker.

Pedro Figueira De Mello Rodrigues

Vice President of Finance

Pedro Rodrigues is a Junior majoring in Economics and Computational Finance, with a minor in Math. He is particularly interested in analyzing financial markets through a mathematical perspective, as well as using quantitative skills to develop a better understanding of market events. In his free time, he loves listening to music, playing the piano, and watching movies. He is excited to work with other team members to create great opportunities for all students interested in exploring careers within the Financial Services industry.

Lufei Yang

Vice President of Marketing

Lufei Yang is a junior from MCS majoring in computational finance and statistics & machine learning. She is interested in applying math and computer science skills to analyze the ever-changing market. In her free time, she enjoys vocal music, guitar, and traveling. She is excited to collaborate with people interested in finance and make contributions to the field of quantitative finance!

Aniruddh Vasishta

Vice President of Events & Logistics

Aniruddh is a junior from MCS pursuing a major in Computational Finance and a minor in Computer Science. He is particularly interested in computer science, math, and how machine learning algorithms can be used in trading. Outside of school, he enjoys tennis, piano, and more recently Sudoku and the NYT crossword. He is excited to work with the Quant Club board this year to host our events for the quant community at CMU!

Mario Tutuncu-Macias

Vice President of Technology

Mario Tutuncu-Macias is a junior from SCS double majoring in Artificial Intelligence and Mathematics. He enjoys combinatorics applications in theoretical computer science and using data science in trading decisions. Mario enjoys rock climbing and is also on CMU’s Water Polo team. In his free time, he likes playing Chess, Geoguessr, and baking.

Justin Oeni

Vice President of Public Relations

Justin Oeni is a Junior studying Information Systems with an additional major in Statistics & Machine Learning. He is particularly interested in applying technical skills to the finance industry through a career in sales and trading. Some of his personal interests include tennis, poker and DJing. He is extremely excited for the many opportunities and events to come for Quant Club this year and to work with the rest of the board to organize wonderful and meaningful events for the rest of the student body!

Thomas Song


Thomas is a Junior studying Applied Math and CS with a minor in Computational Finance. He enjoys the elegance in problem solving and the rush in competing. He looks forward to enjoying and spreading these aspects of Quant club in coming years. He aspires to continuously learn more about quantitative finance and how some well crafted equations and models can facilitate global markets of unimaginable intensity and volume. He enjoys good movies, trips in nature, playing soccer, and hanging out with dogs/friends.