CMU Quant Club 2022-2023 Board Members

Amy Xiao


Amy Xiao is a junior from MCS majoring in Computational Finance with a minor in Computer Science. She enjoys learning about the markets and how mathematics, computer science, as well as data science can be used to make better trading decisions. In her free time, Amy also enjoys solving sudoku, playing board games, and experimenting with new recipes.

Jason Huang

Vice President of Finance

Jason is a junior from MCS pursuing a major in Computational Finance and an additional minor in Computer Science. He is particularly interested in applying quantitative skills to the finance industry through a career in trading. Outside of his studies, Jason enjoys playing badminton and poker. He is excited to work with everyone this year to provide new opportunities and events for the quant community at CMU!

Ying Sun

Vice President of Marketing

Ying Sun is a junior from MCS majoring in computational finance. She is interested in the combination of finance, math, and computer science, and more specifically using quantitative skills to solve real life finance problems. In her free time, she loves video games, snowboarding, and photography. She is excited to work with other people who share the same passion in quantitative finance!

Tze Hng Loke

Vice President of Events & Logistics

Tze Hng is a sophomore majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering with plans to major/minor in Computer Science. He is passionate about information technology and finance, and he enjoys solving challenging problems. The overlap between finance and technology draws him towards quantitative finance and he enjoys learning more about how the industry uses tools and simulation methods to price assets and simulate events. In his free time he enjoys playing table tennis and contract bridge. He is also an avid gamer and he finds games like LOL and Elden Ring really fun!

Erica Wang

Vice President of Technology

Erica is a junior studying mathematical sciences, computer science, and computational finance. She is interested in studying the underlying theorems and formula that were used to derive the methods for asset pricing, so she is currently engaged in several mathematical researches. In her free time, she enjoys playing video games, watching movies, playing cards, and solving puzzles such as sudoku. She is looking forward to working with others this year and contributing to the quantitative finance community at CMU!

Annie Wu

Vice President of Public Relations

Annie is a junior studying Information Systems and Applied Math. Since a young age, she has been interested in applying quantitative techniques to solve problems, which drew her to the quantitative finance industry. She is also interested in exploring the intersection between technology and finance, especially after having worked an internship as a software engineer at Meta. In her free time, Annie enjoys swimming, skiing, and exploring different restaurants around the city with her friends. She is excited for an amazing year with Quant Club!

Haohui Liu


Haohui is a sophomore studying Computer Science. She is deeply interested in Machine Learning and its applications in various industries, particularly in finance. She has done three Machine Learning and Data Science internships where she has applied machine learning and deep learning techniques in NLP, medical imaging (computer vision) and healthcare data. Her favorite class at CMU is 21270 Introduction to Mathematical Finance. In her free time, she enjoys gyming, cooking new recipes, and watching documentaries.